Testimonial 1
28 abril, 2014
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Testimonial 4

Kevin, I’ve just finished my GMAT exam and got a 770! Thank you very much for all your help!!
I got a score of V45 Q50, and my experience can be sum up in something like this: I started preparing the GMAT seriously two months before the exam date. I had previously familirized myself with the exam structure, timings, type of questions and took the diagnosis test, but nothing very deep. To start preparing the exam, I decided then to enrole into Kevin classes, during four consecutives weekends. Kevin provided me with quick insights and tricks about the different kind of questions, something that otherwise would have taken me much more time. In addition to that, I also went through some of the recorded material, founding it very helpful to solve some remaining doubts or to review some of the concepts. Once I completed the course, five weeks were remaining for the exam. As I was working, I only had quality time for the study on weekends. The first of them I reviewed all the material from the courses, focusing on the things that Kevin had told we should learn yes or yes. During the few time I had on weekdays, and during the morning of the weekends (the others 4), I was able to complete all the questions from the official guides (general, verbal and quantitative), as well as complete one complete practice test per weekend These are the main things I have done to prepare the GMAT! Thank you for your help!!

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